Trevor Nicholls Website

Hi, my name is Trevor Nicholls and welcome to my website. I'm a commercial pilot, web designer and photographer. If you're interested in how I came to have this combination of skills please read on. Or just skip to other sections of my website with the menu above.

My History:

In 1997 I set out as a self taught, self employed, computer programmer. For the next 5 years I continued increasing my programming skills, mostly working on large databases for companies like nlt:. During that 5 year period I teamed up with a graphic designer and as time went on more of my work became website related.

In 2003 I decided to fulfil a dream and learn to fly, I was so taken with flying that I continued flight training and qualified with an Airline Transport Pilots Licence. Between 2004 and 2006 when I was getting my pilots licence I continued designing websites part time.

My photography started in my early teens as an enthusiastic amateur over 20 years ago. It started getting more serious when I began taking photos for websites I was working on. Then in 2007 I was asked to take some portrait shots, this took my approach to photography to the next level. The feed back from the portrait shoot was very positive and I decided to continue this along side the website design.

Today I am commercial pilot working for an airline based in the Channel Islands. My enthusiasm for web design and photography is as strong as ever and I continue to do both in my spare time.